TPS5 – Safety Oversight

Aug 23, 2019

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) is seeking a proficient and dedicated individual to fill the role of Rail Fixed Guideway Safety Expert

in Seattle, WA. A state that has a rail fixed guideway public transportation system has primary responsibility for overseeing the safety of that system. WSDOT is

the designated State Safety Oversight Agency (SSOA) that is administered by the agency’s Public Transportation Division.

This senior level professional position is one of three senior specialists charged with working directly with the Rail Transit Agencies (RTA’s) within the state. As a

Rail Fixed Guideway System Safety Expert, the position performs professional evaluations that meet federal and state requirements. This includes reviewing,

approving, overseeing, and enforcing the implementation of the RTA’s safety plan.

The position is specialized in a complex technical area that constitutes the senior level of practice in the safety field. The successful candidate will serve as a

senior level consultant to RTA’s based upon highly specialized expertise in light rail safety. The position continuously assesses and reinforces the RTA’s

compliance with the safety standards, processes and procedures included in its agency safety plan and continuously evaluates hazards, corrective actions, and

the effectiveness of mitigations in an effort to save lives, prevent property damage, and maintain public confidence.

At WSDOT, we value the importance of creating an environment in which all employees can feel respected, included and empowered to bring unique ideas to the

agency. Our diversity and inclusion efforts include embracing different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives while fostering growth and advancement in the

workplace. To learn more, please watch the following video: Why WSDOT?

This position will perform the following work:

• Using specialized knowledge and skills, provide guidance to transit agencies and organizations to develop and implement safety programs and practices to

reduce transit agency exposure to liability and maximize their ability to provide safe public transportation service.

• Lead investigations and assessments of hazards, deficiencies and vulnerabilities on very complex systems such as SCADA, electrical, track and facility

maintenance and vehicle operations.

• Work with team members to develop and implement a strategic approach for assessing needs and prioritizing investments to bring RTA’s into compliance

and alignment with best practices.

• Assess whether RTA staff are sufficiently trained to address safety concerns.

• Analyze issues and prepare recommendations for consideration by the Federal Transit Authority.

• Analyze Code of Federal Regulations (CFR’s) and develop analysis of requirements, including raising ambiguities to appropriate authorities.

At a minimum a candidate for this position must possess:

• Bachelor’s degree involving a major study in safety, transportation, urban planning, engineering, or other related degree, AND

• Five years of professional transportation safety experience, OR

• One year as a Transportation Planning Specialist 4, Transportation Engineer 4 or equivalent classification, OR

• Equivalent education/experience including:

◦ Transit Safety Certifications.

◦ Expert knowledge of Public Transportation Agency Safety plan elements, including safety management policy, risk management assurance and


◦ Expert knowledge of safety compliance, documentation and reporting.

• Valid driver’s license.

Preferred qualifications include:

• Master’s degree in safety, engineering, auditing, planning or related field.

• Complete FTA SSO Certifications.

• Project Management Certifications.

How to Apply: Applications for this recruitment will be accepted electronically. Please select the large “apply” button at the top of this announcement. You may

need to set up an account profile. To be considered for this position you will need to answer the supplemental questions, as part of the supplemental questions

you will need to provide a letter of interest. Your letter of interest should describe how your experience, training and education make you a viable and

competitive candidate for this position.

Contact us: For inquiries about this position, please contact Eirik Landes at Please reference recruitment number 19DOT-HQJob