Chapter Officers

Within the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals, our members are a diverse group of safety, health, and environmental professionals with a variety of experience in:  government, manufacturing, chemical processing, food products, risk management, environmental remediation, engineering, construction, academia, and many other fields.  The Puget Sound Chapter includes three sections, the Mount Baker Section in Burlington, WA, the Olympia Section in Olympia, WA and the CWU Student Section in Ellensburg, WA at Central Washington University.

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  • Chapter President (2023-2024)
    Brian Padgett
  • Chapter Vice President (2023-2024)
    Bianca Green CSP
  • Chapter Secretary
    Ryan D. Hill CIH/CSP
  • Chapter Treasurer (formerly Chapter Delegate/Past President)
    Chip McKenna CSP
  • Advisory Board Member
    Lucien Sahali CSP
  • Advisory Board Member
    Jason Stearns CHST/STSC
  • Advisory Board Member
    Dwayne Jenkins SMS/CHST/CRIS/CSHO
  • Board Member at Large/Past President (2020-2022)
    Krista Kolaz MS/CSP
  • Board Member at Large/Past President
    Scott Streuli
  • Board Member at Large
    Rebecca Alexander CSP/COSS
  • Board Member at Large/Past President/PNW Safety Symposium Planning Committee Chair
    Brian Van CSP
  • Board Member at Large
    David Hundley STS
  • Board Member at Large
    Kieth McCammant CSP
  • Board Member at Large/Past President (2022-2023)
    Will Stuflick
  • Website Manager
    Brent Knight CSP
  • Mt. Baker Section, Chair
    Alicia Beck ASP
  • Mt. Baker Section, Secretary
    Stephine Sedlak MS/CSP
  • Mt. Baker Section, Treasurer
    Ryan Lancaster CSP
  • Olympia Section, Chair
    Dominique Damian MS
  • Olympia Section, Treasurer
    Katrina Fenimore GSP
  • Student Section Faculty Advisor, CWU
    Jennifer Serne MS/GSP