President’s Corner

Valued Puget Sound ASSP Members,

If you find yourself reflecting on the last year and wonder where the time went to accomplish all of your personal and professional goals, you are not alone. We often hold ourselves to a standard of high expectation in a short amount of time, much like the standards our industry continues to utilize as defining success in health and safety. What was our recordable incident rate this year? How many workers compensation claims did we have?

It is a frustrating cycle that happens at the end of every year. Making an impactful change in your workplace and your life should not be weighted against an annual metric. Metrics serve a purpose, as accountability is created through the metrics standardized by regulation and industry in the workplace, success is defined by comparison to those metrics. But we often lose sight of our overall mission or “intention” set by constantly comparing ourselves and our organizations to an annual metric. There is much more to accomplishing personal and professional success that cannot be measured in an annual numbers review.

As you reflect on 2018, and start to look to the future, I hope you will take the time to look beyond 2019, and evaluate what your intentions are without the confines of your annual goals and metrics. How will you influence your colleagues and workforce in your career? What kind of impact will you have? How do you want to be remembered as a safety leader, parent, or mentor? I believe asking these questions will guide you to setting fulfilling, self-actualizing goals, as well as make your annual reflection (the frustrating cycle) a positive one.

Our intentions within the Puget Sound Chapter of the ASSP are to maximize our impact to our members and our community. In that spirit,  some of our chapter members spent a December Saturday afternoon volunteering at Food Lifeline, repackaging food for those in need. Joining over 75 volunteers from within the community, the group was able to package 91,000 meals, ready for distribution to thousands of children, seniors, and families struggling to keep food on the table. Thank you to Jorge del Toro (Board Member at Large) for leading this effort, and for all of the members who donated their Saturday afternoon to give back.

Happy Holidays and cheers to a successful and fulfilling 2019. I look forward to seeing you on January 16th for our monthly chapter meeting.


Be Safe,

Justin Molocznik MS CSP CHST