Chapter News

2024-2025 Puget Sound Chapter slate of officers

As of April 18, 2024, the slate of officers is as follows. None of the elected chapter positions are currently opposed and we still need volunteers.

President – Brian Padgett (2nd term)

Vice president – Bianca Green (2nd term)

Secretary – Open, need candidate

Treasurer – Chip McKenna (2nd term)

Advisory committee members (3) – 

  1. Ryan Hill
  2. Open, need candidate
  3. Open, need candidate  

At-Large (10) – 

  1. Brent Knight – Website Manager/Jobs Chair
  2. Kieth McCammant – Professional Development Conference Chair
  3. Dominique Damian – TBD
  4. Jennifer Serne – TBD
  5. Alicia Beck – TBD
  6. Aaron Leftwich – Government Affairs Chair
  7. Brian Van – Professional Development Conference Chair
  8. Matt Slack – Section/Student Affairs Chair
  9. Jason Stearns – TBD
  10. Lucien Sahali – TBD
  11. Open, need candidate – TBD
  12. Open At-Large roles include: Awards & Honors Chair, Communications Chair, Membership Chair, Nominations & Elections Chair, Program Chair, Foundation Liaison.

2024 Region 1 ROC Meeting – Long Beach, CA

There is significance in this picture! Remember that this group of leaders gathered on April 15-16 2024 in Long Beach CA. These are the next leaders of their individual organizations, industries, and the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP)! 

Thank you all for your energy and authenticity at #spring2024roc1. You are an amazing group…you have had an amazing year as the leaders of your chapter(s)…and I am grateful that I get to serve with you all.  Justin Molocznk, ASSP Region 1 VP

Special thank you to our Region I Area Directors and ARVPs, American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) guests Jennifer McNelly, CAE and Kim McDowell Casper, host chapters ASSP Orange County ChapterASSP Long BeachASSP Los Angeles Chapter, and Long Beach Chapter President Chris Rainwater.

…and Congratulations Region I SPY winner Danny Kim!

Bottom Row – Brian Padgett and Bianca Green, Puget Sound Chapter President and Vice President

2024-2025 Chapter Officer Elections

It is that time of year again. We are seeking nominations and volunteers to staff the many positions within the chapter. The Puget Sound Chapter is a vibrant chapter that continues to achieve Platinum Status each year based on strong leadership commitment. To maintain our momentum and continue to add value, we rely on leadership continuity, and that includes the continuous addition of new leadership. We will train and support you and the commitment is minimal from a time standpoint. Please consider stepping up and joining a dynamic team of leaders while serving ASSP and the Puget Sound Chapter.

Chapter Leadership Positions:


Purpose: The chapter president provides direction and support to create a meaningful and high-quality experience for chapter members.

  • Provide direction to the chapter that is consistent with the chapter’s bylaws as well as ASSP’s mission and vision statements, goals, and code of professional conduct
  • Chair all chapter executive committee meetings and chapter general membership meetings
  • Lead chapter executive committee in the development and execution of strategic activities related to succession planning and chapter sustainability
  • Maintain chapter incorporation and affiliate agreements with ASSP headquarters, including ensuring chapter compliance with required reporting
  • Represent the chapter on semiannual Area Operating Committee (AOC) and/or Regional Operating Committee (ROC) by attending meetings or appointing a proxy
  • Represent the chapter at meetings of other organizations when official representation is of benefit to chapter or ASSP members, or appoint a designee to ensure attendance
  • Appoint standing committee chairs and members to special committees as needed
  • Provide strategic leadership for the chapter and its members
  • Look for a successor

Vice Present

Purpose: The chapter president-elect/vice president assists the chapter president in providing direction and support to the chapter to create a meaningful and high-quality experience for chapter members.

  • Support the chapter president in providing direction to the chapter that is consistent with the chapter’s bylaws, as well as ASSP’s mission and vision statements, goals, and code of professional conduct.
  • Work with the chapter president and Executive Committee to develop and execute strategic activities related to succession planning and chapter sustainability
  • Serve as acting president in the absence of the chapter president (see chapter president position description), including representing the president as requested
  • Assist with planning and attending chapter Executive Committee and general membership meetings
  • Supervise the activities of chapter committees as agreed upon
  • Recommend attendance at semiannual Area Operating Committee (AOC) and/or Regional Operating Committee (ROC) meetings
  • Perform other duties as agreed upon with the chapter president or Executive Committee
  • Program Chair – schedule of speakers/field trips for the year
  • Look for a successor


Purpose: The chapter secretary ensures the chapter’s ability to provide continuity of a quality member experience by maintaining the chapter’s historical records.

  • Maintain and retain all chapter files, including minutes and correspondence, according to the chapter document retention guidelines
  • Ensure that members receive timely and effective notices of all chapter meetings and functions
  • Attend chapter general membership and Executive Committee meetings
  • Record and distribute minutes of all chapter and Executive Committee meetings to chapter members and officers
  • Ensure consistent and appropriate messaging across chapter communication channels (website, social media accounts, newsletter, and other publications) in partnership with the chapter communications chair and other chapter volunteers as applicable
  • Assist chapter president in completing reports
  • Assume duties of chapter treasurer when necessary
  • Serve in the role for two years


Purpose: The chapter treasurer ensures the chapter’s financial ability to serve its members. This volunteer leader manages chapter resources and funds, maintains, and updates the chapter’s financial records, and provides leadership in financial responsibility and fund allocation.

  • Prepare and manage the chapter operating budget for the fiscal year (April 1 – March 31)
  • Present reports regarding current and long-term chapter finances to the chapter Executive Committee and chapter membership
  • Share opinions on the chapter’s financial position as an elected officer
  • Supervise the receipt and disbursement of funds
  • Establish and manage funds in an approved depository
  • Attend Executive Committee and chapter meetings
  • Ensure that an annual or biennial audit is performed on the chapter’s financial records
  • Assume the duties of chapter secretary as necessary
  • Serve in the role for two years

Advisory Board Member (3 slots/positions)

Purpose: The advisory board members serve as liaisons between the chapter’s members and ASSP. They represent chapter members’ interests in Society, keep chapter members informed on actions and proposed actions, and act on behalf of the chapter’s membership.

  • Represent the chapter membership to the ASSP on Society-level issues and providing feedback from the chapter to ASSP on issues related to the profession throughout the chapter year
  • Communicate with chapter membership to determine the overall chapter viewpoint on Society-level issues
  • Attend chapter general membership and Executive Committee meetings

At Large Positions

Awards & Honors Chair

Purpose: The chapter awards and honors chair supports member engagement by ensuring that chapter members are recognized for their contributions to the chapter, ASSP, and the safety profession.

Communications Chair

Purpose: The chapter communications chair facilitates the flow of information between the chapter Executive Committee and the chapter membership and ensures that members have access to timely and relevant information about the chapter, ASSP, and local OSH issues.

Membership Chair

Purpose: The chapter membership chair is responsible for monitoring and growing the chapter’s membership by coordinating the chapter’s member recruitment, orientation, and retention efforts. This volunteer leader works with the chapter’s executive committee to identify and pursue opportunities to enhance the experience for existing and future chapter members.

Nominations & Elections Chair

Purpose: The chapter nominations and elections chair ensures the chapter’s sustainability by recruiting future leaders from among chapter members. This volunteer leader engages all chapter officers to develop and execute a strong succession plan for the chapter.

Professional Development Conference Chair (PNW Safety Symposium)

Purpose: The professional development conference (PDC) chair ensures the delivery of a high-quality PDC to help chapter members reach the highest level of performance. This volunteer leader’s primary responsibility rests with coordinating and developing the chapter’s PDC.

Program Chair

Purpose: The chapter program chair works with the chapter’s Executive Committee to ensure that chapter programming meets the needs of the chapter’s membership. This includes ensuring that the chapter fulfills its charter requirements of hosting four technical meetings annually and may include coordinating additional programming offered by the chapter.

Section/Student Affairs Chair

Purpose: The chapter section/student affairs chair ensures that members of the chapter’s sections and student sections are informed of chapter business and that their needs and interests are represented within the chapter Executive Committee.

Foundation Liaison

Purpose: The chapter foundation liaison ensures that chapter members are aware of opportunities available through the ASSP Foundation and facilitates members’ participation in these opportunities.

Government Affairs Chair

Purpose: The chapter government affairs chair liaises between chapter members and ASSP’s national government affairs efforts.

Website Manager/Jobs Chair

Purpose: The chapter jobs chair provides chapter members with information and resources to aid in their job searches and career development.

Expectation – All elected committee members are expected to attend monthly steering committee meetings and chapter and/or section meetings as often as possible.  If an Executive Committee member misses more than two meetings in a row – who will reach out to them to see what is going on.

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